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Everyone knows that the jewelry industry is highly competitive. It takes just the right measure of innovation, quality and determination to succeed. But producing the perfect product can use up precious time and resources. Working with AG Jewellers allows you to easily expand your jewelry inventory and grow your business.

More and more consumers are seeking out custom and unique jewelry, so it's important to include products that aren't found in other stores.

We work with you to make sure your jewelry is produced exactly as your specify and with impeccable standards. We can manufacture a unique collection for your store, or even work with custom orders for your customers.


Need help navigating the world of custom jewelry? Your personal job coordinator will make sure you’re 100% clear on all the fine details and walk you through the production process. We’re here to answer all your questions and make sure you’re satisfied with your experience. 

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The process of jewellery making is no less than a magic! This entire process of the jewellery designing involves lots of steps like designing, model making to the final step of quality check.

Creating a design is the first step which is involved in the process of jewellery making. The designing is the stage where the jewellery designer develops an idea of jewellery design and turns it into a reality by evaluating the idea and upon further analysis.


The second stage, just after the designing stage is the CAD/CAM stage, which involves the use of CAD Software. The CAD Software is a 2D and 3D computer-aided software often used by designers which improves the dimensional accuracy and quality of the design. Also, it helps in the creation of a database for manufacturing. When the task of designing a concept gets completed by the jewellery designer, and the same is being created on the paper and designed at the system.


The Model Making is the next stage which involves the process of the conversion of resin output from CAM to silver model (a master design which is being used to create similar pieces of jewellery through the use of rubber mould) through the process of casting.


The 4th stage is the Rubber Mould stage which plays an integral role in the process of the production. The Rubber Mould helps in the creation of the multiple pieces of same designed jewellery. The best part of the rubber mould is that the designs remain safe, well protected and embedded within it and thus can be used to create replicas of the jewellery design in the future. The materials involved in the making of mould can vary from natural rubber, silicone to metal and the process of the mould making is labelled as ‘Vulcanizing’.


The next stage involved in the jewellery manufacturing process is the production of wax pieces. The wax pieces are produced from rubber moulds made of silver master. The process of waxing involves placing the rubber mould on the commercial wax injector machine and then pressure injected into the cavity in order to create wax models. These wax models are being used for casting. The wax pieces on a wax stem are being soldered which is called ‘treeing’. The treeing is the process where a spruce is attached to every wax piece, making an angle of approx. 45 degree with the stem. The lighter items are placed at the top of the tree, while the heavier ones are placed at the bottom of the tree.


Moving on to the next step, the jewellery manufacturing process at KOSH involves the stage of casting, which is regarded as among the most complex processes. The process of casting requires experienced and skilled casters. The entire process of casting involves placing the wax tree in a steel flask and then placing a slurry of chemical powder which takes around an hour to solidify. Afterwards, the flask is placed in an electric furnace to heat. As a result of which the wax melts and thus leaving a cavity of tree. The resulting molten metal is then poured in the flasks and is allowed to cool off. After, the molten metal is cooled, demolished and the jewellery in the form of casting is revealed.


The grinding is the next stage involved in the process of jewellery manufacturing. The grinding involves the use of polisher which is used to grind off the nub (A nub is resulted after the process of casting; once the raw casting is clipped off from the casting tree and appears at the place where the spruce was attached with the gold piece!). The polisher utilizes the motorized grinding machine to smoothen the surface of gold piece of the jewellery. The Grinding involves the final process of the polishing, which is carried out by holding the jewellery piece against the spinning grinding wheel and thus resulting a smooth surface as required.


After your jewelry passes through the design and casting stage, the final fabrication can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. At this point the jeweler refines the main structure of your ring, necklace or other piece. The jeweler files down the casting skin to reveal the metal underneath. Although casting transformed the jewelry into fine metal, the jeweler needs to make any aesthetic adjustments, as well as make sure the piece can functionally support gemstones.

After the mount is completed, the jewelry is ready for stone setting. If the piece requires enameling work or additional design, this would take place before setting.


For this step, the diamond setter finally adds the diamonds or other gemstones onto your piece. He carefully sets the central stone into the mount. If side stones are involved, the setter needs to hand drill for these before setting. Using a microscope, they then set each separate stone.

STEP 6 – Polishing, Finishing, and QA

In the final stage, a polisher works to make sure the metal is polished to perfection so it’s as shiny as possible. Any final additions such as engravings are also applied. Finally, the jewelry is inspected and each detail is analyzed to make sure production was successful.



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